Filter HQ stock a range of reliable trade quality products. 


Our chemicals and consumables range includes;

Partswash, Supersolve, Kerosene, Antifreeze Glycol Coolant, Inhibitors, Hand Cleaners, Rags, Fleet Wash, Windscreen Washer,Measuring Jugs, Funnels

Filter HQ are proud to be authorized distributors of Chemz.  


Chemz is a 100% New Zealand owned and operated manufacturer of trade quality cleaners, lubricants coatings and maintenance products. Chemz aerosol and bulk products are formulated for specific trade markets where reliability and performance is valued.


Chemz is available in the following products;

Brake Cleaner,  Silicone, Degreaser, Metal Protectors, Zinc, Primer, Contact Cleaner, Anti-sieze, Tacky Lubricants,Weld Anti Spatter, Belt Grip, Cutting Oil, Penetrene,

Spray Paints, Electrical, Electronic.




We Accept All Major Credit Cards.