Filter HQ are the exclusive New Zealand distributor of Synforce Lubricants

Synforce Lubricants are premium oils independently blended in Australia for Australasian conditions and equipment which makes Synforce the perfect choice for any unit requiring oil in NZ.


What makes Synforce Different?

Synforce Lubricants consistently exceed industry standards and OEM specifications,

delivering lubricants that achieve outstanding levels of protection and enhanced performance. Synforce Lubricants will always be blended under the mantra of Quality First.


Synforce Lubricants use only virgin Group II Hydrocracked, Group III, Group IV and

Group V Synthetic base oils.  They also only use the most shear stable viscosity index improvers and the latest additives technology, hot blending components under agitation in state of the art stainless steel manufacturing facilities.  Unlike many other brands, Synforce dont use recycled oils in any of their products. "Hot blending" ensures the best possible bonding of all component ingredients in the manufacturing process, and the elimination of additive "dropout" which also means the product can be filter to 2 micron absolute which is far superior to the oil markets expectation.


Synforce Lubricants also mix by weight, not volume, ensuring industry-leading accuracy in production and optimum product specification, every time.


The end result is a better performing, longer lasting and more effective lubricant for your vehicle, machinery or equipment.


For further information on becoming a Regional Distributor of Synforce

please email clint@filterhq.co.nz


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