Filter HQ supply full range of water  filtration  products, accessories and solutions ready for almost any water quality issue.


We only deal with major brands in the world market and we make it a point of buying from

ISO 9002 approved suppliers, therefore guaranteeing high quality products, reputable service and back up


We stock a large range of replacement filters to suit most popular brands including,

Inline and Cartridge style filters, Sediment filters and  Reverse Osmosis filters.


Our range of Water Filtration Kits and Systems are designed to remove the Chemicals, Chlorine and other contaminants found in town treated water supply.  

From Under Bench & Counter Top Water Purifiers, to Whole Tap and Whole House Solutions.  Contact us to help you find the right product for your home.


Filter HQs Rural water filtration and treatment solutions includes Sediment filters, Ultraviolet sterilisers, Under Bench and Counter Top, Carbon filters and Reverse Osmosis units to address water quality issues. 

Contact us to discuss your requirements, or for more information.


Our expertise in the water treatment industry enables us to give realistic, affordable solutions,



We recommend trying Anolyte Antiseptic / Sanitiser

Anolyte is Non-toxic, Eco friendly, Safe & Easy to use

Kills germs, kills infection, kills odours

Treat your water, wash your foods

Sanitise bathroom, kitchen, laundry

Ideal for tanks, troughs, and dairy use


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