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Exedy clutch Kits

Our first shipment of Exedy clutch kits have arrived and we have stock bursting out the door.

Exedy supply the most complete range of clutches for the passenger motor vehicles, designed and built to OE specifications.

Exedy replacement kits include the highest quality cover assemblies, clutch discs, and release bearings. With advanced dampening mechanisms, premium quality friction facings, and high quality cover assemblies. Exedy clutch kits guarantee correct fit and function every time. If your in the market for a new clutch make sure you chose Exedy.

Tuff and practical for 4X4 vehicles, reliable for heavy transport industry and powerful for high performance motorsports applications.

Exedy is previously know as Daikin Clutch which was founded in Japan 1923 and are known throughout the world for supplying quality products. Advanced engineering and patented innovations have made Exedy the leading OEM manufacturer in the world for clutches. Exedy is also the world leader of performance sports and racing clutches.


What does the flywheel do?

The flywheel is a disc that is bolted to your vehicle’s crankshaft and it has several important jobs when it comes to the operation of your car. Its main job is to improve the power delivery of your engine by providing a continuous source of rotational energy. Since the flywheel needs a large amount of torque to get it rotating and also needs a large amount torque to slow it down, it is very effective in conserving momentum. The flywheel works alongside the clutch to control the transfer of power between the transmission and engine. When the clutch is disengaged, this flow of power is interrupted. This allows for gears to be changed. The flywheel has several small teeth around it. The purpose of the teeth is to allow the starter to engage it, causing the engine to turn over.

What are the benefits of skimming the flywheel?

How do I know if my flywheel is worn?

What clutch kits do Filter HQ have?

At Filter HQ we will inspect and resurface your flywheel while we fit your new Exedy clutch kit. This service will allow for smoother clutch engagement. Flywheel resurfacing and skimming is FREE with any new Exedy clutch kit purchased through us at Filter HQ in Whangarei.


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